Golden State Warriors Predictions For 09-10

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The Golden State Warriors were the feel good story of 2007. A team of young, motivated players that seemingly came out of nowhere and swiped the number eight seed in the Western Conference, they went on to miraculously defeat the Dallas Mavericks in a first round seven game series, knocking off the team with the NBA's best record and the top seed in the Western Conference. The basketball world could not believe what they had witnessed!

Things changed for the Warriors last season. Most notably, the loss of Baron Davis to the Los Angeles Clippers had a profound impact on the team, as any team would struggle to find its way after losing its best player.

A few more cards were shuffled for the Warriors. Jamal Crawford came in, as did Corey Maggette. Still, the Golden State Warriors were not the same team.

There's a lot of young talent to go around for the Warriors, and they'll look to make the most of it next season. Anthony Morrow proved himself as a very capable scorer and an exciting young player. Brandan Wright should emerge some more after a quiet rookie year, and Anthony Randolph showed the basketball world that he has the potential to be one of the best big men in the game a few years down the line.

Monta Ellis is healthy, Andris Biedrins is ready for another season of basketball, and Stephen Jackson and Stephen Curry are both talented offensive players.

This is a pretty deep team that could easily make its mark. 45-37 record for the Golden State Warriors in 09-10 if you ask me.

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