Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki

Do you know who Mark Cuban is? He is not a player, and never has been if that helps. Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and the guy that you always see behind their bench. It is safe to say that Mark Cuban is one of the most eccentric owners in all of sports. He cares immensely for his team, and will do whatever it takes in order to ensure that they win games. This includes spending tons of money to get the best players into town, and to make his current guys as comfortable as possible.

Every year Mark Cuban gets hit with fines by the NBA's front office. The reason for this is simple; he has a big mouth, and is not afraid to express his opinion. If Mark Cuban thinks that his team got the short end of the stick by the referees he is sure to let everyone know about it. And of course when he does this he is hit with very large fines. Mark Cuban has even been known to go out on the court to cause a stir; this has happened on more than one occasion.

Even though a lot of people do not like the way that Mark Cuban acts, he sure does bring some spice to the game. As long as he is around as the owner of the Mavericks, the team will always be able to contend for an NBA championship. Mark Cuban is one unique owner.

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