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Dallas Mavericks: Who is the best German on the Mavericks roster right now?

Kevin Sherrington, sports columnist for SportsDayDFW.com and The Dallas Morning News, answered your questions in a live chat recently. Here are some highlights:

Who is the best German on the Mavs roster right now?

Sherrington: Ha! Maxi Kleber has done a good job. Not just a favor to Dirk. He could work himself into long-time role here, which is more than you could have asked. These are the types of moves that are important to a franchise: cheap, effective, hard-working talent to fill in around the big contracts.

What is the best return the Mavs can hope for for Nerlens Noel at this point?

Sherrington: Maybe a hot dog with extra relish? Talk about sending a message, and not a good one, at that. Teams know that the Mavs have no leverage. It’s not like he’s a rotation player. Last man off the bench. I think they’d probably be happy with a second-round pick at this point.

Is Dorian Finney-Smith legit enough to be hurting the Mavs with his absence?

Sherrington: He’s a very nice player, and the type any good organization would want. But, no, the Mavs aren’t hurting that much because he’s not available.

When Seth Curry is back, what do you see as an effective starting lineup?

Sherrington: Let’s see, if I’m playing Rick Carlisle, I’d say Seth Curry and Dennis Smith Jr. in the backcourt, Wes Matthews and Harrison Barnes on the wings and Dirk at center. And I think I’m being nice about Dirk at center.

With a good chunk of college football action already underway, what are your thoughts on who would be good for the Mavs? Got a few names?

Sherrington: Problem with this business is there’s always breaking news that gets in the way. Anyway, as far as the Mavs go, you’re assuming they’re going to be a lottery team, right? Good assumption. Michael Porter Jr. of Missouri was pretty much the odd’s on favorite to be the top pick until he got hurt, and now he’s out for the season. Will that cause him to fall? Probably, though not as far as you’d think. Doesn’t look like the Mavs will have one of the top two or three picks. Texas’ Mo Bamba will be a lottery pick, and he’s drawn comparisons to the Greek Freak. But can the Mavs wait on him to develop a little more physically? If they have the opportunity, maybe they should, but that puts the rebuild on a longer arc.

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