Dallas Mavericks vs Philadelphia Sixers – Full Game Highlights | April 8, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

Dallas Mavs vs Philadelphia 76ers – Full Game Highlights | April 8, 4/8

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25 thoughts on “Dallas Mavericks vs Philadelphia Sixers – Full Game Highlights | April 8, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

  1. ניר שדה

    My opinion is that with lebron next year the 76S can break the record of 73 wins. At least 75 wins…

  2. Proppa Music

    I cant believe 76ers made it to 3rd seed when they was 10th seed one point of the season WTF… Thats what u called improvement

  3. Red Smurf

    The 76ers exceeded my expectations, i did have faith with them making the playoffs this year since they're in the east but i even i didn't think as high as 3rd/4th wow. Anything is just a bonus from this point on, it's been a good year.

  4. Godvernment

    76ers got fleeced. Fultz looks like a long term project. He has no rhythm on offense, no type of presence. He’s not someone you fear. And he’s absolutely clueless on defense.

  5. GalaxyTraveler

    Imagine if Ben Simmons went to Golden State….their team would be fucking unstoppable.

    Also, the orchestral game sounds Philly uses is really annoying. Brooklyn music is even better…..

  6. McGrizzlebear Beddington

    yea ben simmons already acting like a cocky little baby just like Bron. Not gonna be surprised when that's the next team he's gonna coach

  7. Aria

    I'm a MAVS fan and think this game was really unfair since the sixers have their whole bench, while the mavs have rookies and 2 year players playing. But I expected the mavs to lose. They will get them next year.


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