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Dallas Mavericks Got The “VERB” by PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks 2011

http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dallas-mavericks-got-the-verb/id438317784 (click iTunes link to buy the Dallas Mavericks Got The VERB song by PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks for .99 cents) Due to the fact so many people ask me to redo the PPT Rowdy Loud & Proud Mav’s song from 2006 i decided i didnt wanna redo that but what i did do was a Dallas Mavericks song based around the PiKaHsSo Cult underground classic VERB song and it’s called Dallas Mavericks Got The “VERB” this is by no means sanctioned by the Mavericks i did it on my own just to show love & support to my city.

I will have this on sale on my Reverbnation Page by Tomorrow so feel free to purchase or just listen to it on here its all good with me.

PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks
All Vocals, Written, Recorded, Mixed, Edited, all by PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks photos from google, ESPN, Mavs website, PiKaHsSo & Rondo
If you would like a PiDeO like this done for you or your company contact me @ Grapikseditor@gmail.com or PiKaHsSo@gmail.com serious enQuiries only

Dallas Mavericks Got The VERB lyrics

The Mavericks Gonna Show Ya We Can
It’s Time For The NBA To Understand

A Championship Ring Is Really What We Want
Watch Out You Other Teams Cause You BOut Get Stomped

I Am PiKaHsSo Im born with the funk
Get Rowdy Loud & Proud It’s Time To Get KRUNK

Gotta Give up to the Mav’s cause they’ve put in work
Number 41 is the leader that we call Dirk

Cant Hold he made Kobe loose that smirk
Lakers Got Swept & you knew that hurt

And Before that Portlands Trail Got Blazed
By the Jet Fuel From Terry Oh He Amazed

Rowdy Loud & Proud with yo hands raised

Jason Kidd the King Of Assist be breakin them knees
While Peja Stojakovic be hitting them threes

In The Zone DominiQue Jones will have u begging him please
He’s A Terror J Barea making layups with ease

The ball Handler TYson Chandler is blessed like a sneeze
Mark Cuban dont like loosin thats why he got cheese

Brendan Haywood man he play good standing tall like the trees
In the center who can enter Ian swarming like bees

A Cardinal Flying there go Brian in the air like a breeze
Shawn Marion Be Carrying The Ball With A Squeeze

Rodrigue is never weak you dont wont none of these
Beau in bois he’ll destroy & have you catching some Z’s

You’ll get slaughtered in Mavericks House Like Joel Ortiz
None is truer than Corey Brewer got yo team under seize

DeShawn You know he Gone wear you out like some Lee’s
Carlisle got style P-00 degreez

Fans in the stands with Royal Blue Tees
Getting Krunk as we dunk & scratch the roof like some fleas

No Remorse When You See The Horse youll be respecting our steez
Caron in spirit you know you fear it cause we got the keys .

The Mav’s Can Do Anything To Show Action VERB
Dallas is Happening

Tyson Will Dunk when the bodies are packed in VERB
Mav’s is Happening

Dirks Jumpin VERB

Shawns Stompin VERB

Watch Jet Move

Crunk Game!!!!

Mavericks Will Go Up The Hill To Have A Little Fun
Silly Phill ran Outta Skills & Dallas Mavericks Won

Dallas Mavericks Got The VERB

Started writting & recording @ 12:13am May 9th 2011
completed writting @ 6:00pm May 9th 2011
got Done recording & mixing @ 2:55pm May 11th 2011

Begin the Editing @ 3:00pm Wednesday May 11th 2011 completed everything Thurday May 12th 2011 @ 7:49pm


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