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Dallas Mavericks: 10 signs you’re a true MFFL: Dallas Mavericks fan for life

Believe it or not, it’s almost been 40 years since the Dallas Mavericks debuted in the NBA.

There’s been plenty of highs and plenty of lows, but here’s a definitive(-ish) list of ways to prove if you are a true Mavs Fan For Life! #MFFL

1. You know the Spurs are the first team the Mavs ever beat

… and the extra-committed fans saw it in person at the “brand new” Reunion Arena on October 11, 1980.

2. To you, Derek Harper is more than a commentator

While he’s a familiar voice on television broadcasts, we’ve known him for much longer. Part of the organization as a player from 1983-97 (with a brief stint as a Knick in between), he’s fourth on the all-time scoring list for the Mavs with 12,597 points.

3. Calling someone ‘Shawn Bradley’ is one of your strongest insults

The 7’6″ center spent nine season in a Mavericks uniform only averaging 5.7 rebounds a game. It’s also not great when there’s a Top 10 countdown of the best dunks over you.

4. You still hate Dwyane Wade

It’s been more than a decade, but the 2006 NBA Finals still hurt. Real bad. Despite going up in the series 2-0, the Miami Heat swept the next four games including the series-clincher in Dallas.

(And no, we’re not over the officiating in that series, either…)

5. You also still hold a strong dislike for Baron Davis

Dirk won MVP. The Mavs clinched the West’s top seed and home-court advantage with a 67-15 record. The 2016-17 season was setting up to be historic. Then, they lost to Baron Davis and the eighth-seed Golden State Warriors in the first round. Ugh.

6. You think Dirk had the greater ‘flu game’

Both Michael Jordan and Nowitzki had history-making, illness-filled NBA Finals performances. But there’s the argument to be made that Dirk’s was better and more important.

Just ask Jason Terry.

7. You skipped work/summer school to attend the championship parade

Because there was no force on this planet in June 2011 that would have stopped you from celebrating the franchise’s first and (so far) only Larry O’Brien trophy.

8. You believe Tyson Chandler is the best role player in NBA history

With Tyson in the middle, there was a defense that won a championship. Without him, well…

9.  Thanks to DeAndre Jordan you’ve learned the word ‘reneged’

All things considered – aren’t we happier ending up with Dennis Smith Jr. and Nerlens Noel a few years later?

10. You remember exactly where you were when…

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