Dallas Mavericks

“Believe in Dallas” Hennessy Dinner with Dallas Mavericks

It was a memorable night in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday (April 7, 2015) when Mavericks star player Charlie Villanueva in partnership with Hennessy V.S. hosted a “Believe In Dallas” dinner.

As a means to solidify team morale ahead of the NBA Playoff season, Villanueva gathered Team Hennessy Latino and his teammates, including Amar’e Stoudmire and Dirk Nowirzki, to spread the love and encouragement upon their packed basketball schedule.

Located at Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse on Maple Avenue in Dallas, the attendees were treated to specialty cocktails from Hennessy V.S Vieja Moda to Pineapple Cilantro Smash, and five-star cuisines.

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