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Why Skip Bayless is wrong about LeBron James

It is absolutely evident to everyone in the world that Skip Bayless’ opinions aboutLeBron James are wrong and always have been.  LeBron James makes any NBA team a legitimate title contender, and brings unlimited marketing potential to the NBA team that pays his contract.  To his points that LeBron is not a clutch 3-point shooter, I would say that anyone who watched game 5 vs. Detroit in 2007 or Game 2 vs. Orlando in the playoffs last year knows that LeBron is a clutch shooter from behind the line. 

There is no one in the NBA that can compare with his size and quicknss, and now he has the pieces to win an NBA championship with the addition of Shaquille O’ Neal.  Skip Bayless takes wildly unpopular stances and has made a career doing so, but his ignorance when it comes to LeBron James is simply astonishing.  The man does not know the meaning of common sense.  LeBron has every right to do the minor things he gets criticized for such as dancing on the sidelines, over-the-top player introductions, and not shaking hands after games.  LeBron James is an unstoppable force and he continually imposes his will on opponents. 

As a lifetime Cleveland Cavaliers fan, I know what the franchise looked like before he was drafted, and what it currently looks like now.  I am the creator of the website where I frequently explain to people why Skip does not know what he is talking about when it comes to Lebron.  After the Cavaliers sweep the Lakers in the NBA finals following a 70+ win season, Skip Bayless will be forced to eat his words and admit LeBron James is the best player in the NBA and that he is underrated.

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