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Top 5 Players in Cleveland Cavaliers History

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team that has been around for a while in fact, they have been around since 1971 and some people may even say that the team has been low profile if it wasn’t for some of the best players that the team has had. Today we are going to talk about some of the rankings, accomplishments and the top five players that have taken the Cleveland Cavaliers to the spotlight.

From 2008 at 2009 the Cleveland Cavaliers have performed quite well, during this period of time the team was ranked number one in defense with about 92 points allowed, they were also ranked second in three-point percentage with a.387 three point percentage and they were also ranked third in three-point made. The team came up as fifth in turnovers with more than 12 turnovers. As you can see their performance hasn’t been too shabby and it is because of these numbers that a team has come to shine now let’s talk about some of the people who have made it possible in no particular order:

Shooting guard Ron Harper

Harper was without a doubt one of the best players to have ever played for the Cleveland Cavaliers between 1986 and 1990. Harper averaged 19.4 points per game and 5.1 assists per game throughout his entire career however many will argue that one of his best contributions was the dynamics that he brought to the team while he was a player.

Point guard Lenny Wilkins

Some people will remember an excellent player that played for the Cavaliers between 1972 and 1974 and even though he only played for a couple years his performance was superb, this player averaged 16.5 points and 6.7 assists during his entire NBA career. This excellent basketball player became a coach which is a position where he has also excelled.

Center Brad Daugherty

If there has ever been a man who has proven to be able to dominate his position while playing for the Cavaliers has been Brad, he has made a name for himself by averaging 19.5 points, 9.5 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game.

Power forward Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Because of this rather peculiar name this player has been nicknamed “Z”, this player is without a doubt one of the best power forward players in the Cavaliers history. He has benefited greatly after the arrival of Lebron James and has been able to average 14.5 points and 7.9 rebounds per game.

Small forward Lebron James

Last but not least, Lebron is a man who needs no introduction; he is one of the best players of all time and ranks right next to Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and the few players of this caliber. Because of his incredible skills he has been nicknamed “King James”. Lebron averaged 27.3 points, 6.6 assists and 6.9 rebounds throughout his carrier and it is because of the incredible dynamics he brings to the team that he is one of the most renowned players in NBA history.

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