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Tiger Woods saga

Both Tiger’s car crash and his sex scandal with Rachel Uchitel and Jaimee Grubbs have caused wide public concern, what is public’s opinion to this? Let’s have a look.

“It’s crazy. (My wife) and the kids went down Monday after the game, and they said there’s paparazzi everywhere at the gates. Helicopters overhead all day. My wife is a blonde and wears sunglasses in Florida so every time she comes out of the gate they’re snapping pictures. It’s a different thing than we’ve ever faced down there. It’s certainly a new wrinkle to it.” – Minnesota Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell, who lives in same gated community as Woods.


“We made ourselves too accessible to you. It backfires on the athlete. We don’t get to write a story about y’all. An athlete makes a mistake, everybody wants to write about it. It’s a one-way street, like it has always been.” – Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter on athletes always in the public eye.


“I think there’s more talk about it because people assume athletes have the opportunity and the access. But business people travel just as much as sports people. In the hotels where we’re staying, there’s always a convention, some type of meeting.” – Detroit Tigers outfielder Curtis Granderson.


The best thing you can do is manage it the best way that you can. You can’t mirror anybody else’s image. You can’t mirror Mike (Jordan) or Magic (Johnson) or Tiger or Peyton (Manning). You just have to do it and figure out what works for you and go from there.” – Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James on handling fame.


“Everyone needs to find their own way and find their own happiness. … Obviously, everybody in this room has some degree of notoriety and you have to understand what comes along with that and try to make the best decisions you can.” – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.


“What a man does in his personal life has nothing to do with his athletic ability. We’re all not perfect. Nobody’s built perfect. For us to judge on anyone what they’re doing in their own private life, it’s a private matter. To see it all aired on ESPN, it’s kind of tragic to me. It takes away what a great golf player he is.” – Steelers receiver Hines Ward.


“With that celebrity status there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with that. You have to carry yourself as a professional and be mature when you’re on or off the field. That’s a message for anybody getting into the limelight from high school to college and then getting on into the pros. Those are the types of things that we have workshops about … to carry yourself as a professional. Anytime you go out on the town or out and about, things are going to happen, but you have to be smart about it.” – Buffalo Bills receiver Terrell Owens.


“I think there’s always temptations out there when you’re in this business, in this world, when people know who you are. As long as I’ve been around and in this situation you know what’s out there. You know what goes on. You know sometimes that the sky’s the limit as far as what you can take advantage of or what you want in that regard.” – Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.

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