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NBA Playoffs-2nd Round Prediction-Preview

The NBA Playoffs are left with 8 teams, all talented, some more serious about winning the NBA Finals than others. Here we go ….

NBA West

San Antonio Spurs – New Orleans Hornets

Prediction – Spurs in 7

The Hornets are eager, but the Spurs just have too much experience and savvy for the Hornets to handle when things get tight in this series, and it will. I think Chris Paul is great, and his time will come. I predicted the Spurs in pre-season to repeat over the Celtics. Can not change stream now. Too much Duncan, Ginobili and Parker for the Hornets to hang all the way.

Los Angeles Lakers – Utah Jazz

Prediction – Lakers in 7

I have a lot of respect for Jerry Sloan and the Utah Jazz. They play the right way and he coaches the right way. Tough and gritty will compete, but is not enough to get the job done against a very talented Los Angeles Lakers squad. Kobe Bryant will get his MVP award during this series, and the Lakers will ultimately roll to a showdown with the Spurs.

NBA East

Boston Celtics – Cleveland Cavaliers

Prediction – Celtics in 6

With the stunt the Celtics pulled against a poor Hawks team, everything seems to be up for grabs in the East. I still like the Celtics, just not as confident in them as a week ago. I love LeBron James, and he has shown he can carry a team, so watch out. Still, this is too much for one player to do by himself. Celtics advance to the Eastern Finals. I had them pre-season beating the Magic in the East Finals in 5 games, so can not stop that train now.

Detroit Pistons – Orlando Magic

Prediction – Magic in 6

I have little faith in the Pistons, and I think they are ripe for an upset at the hands of the upstart Magic. It may be a year too early for Orlando, but the Pistons have shown a tendency to not kick opponents while they are down, or as was the case last year, the tendency to fall asleep when it matters the most.

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