Meet Larry Sanders, the Cavs new center

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Newly acquired center Larry Sanders talks about joining the defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Sanders, signed Monday, will play in Canton to get game ready.

20 thoughts on “Meet Larry Sanders, the Cavs new center

  1. lostinYourReality

    This dude could've easily been a Hassan Whiteside type of centre if he had the focus and mental stability. Now that he's getting better I really hope he reaches his full potential.

  2. x6King6x

    I hope this dude blows up and just go off and be one of the bes big men in the league, he had potential to be one, even tho he's mostly gonna be a backup and not a starter but either way I hope he performs great.

  3. young MB

    Well Larry might be all they need to have enough players to play the center position, but I still think the need a guy like Nate Robinson who can score and add energy to the team. And heck get Sullinger or Moreland in Case Love or Thompson gets hurt. A couple of guys like Jones and Felder might have to go but lets make it happen. But Don't just settle at this point. These additions will help the team come out on top during the playoffs and so Lue can make good substitutions and match other teams benches.


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