Lebron To Ny Knicks, Slim Chance! Bosh And Johnson Not Max-Contract Players!

The New York Knicks better not make the mistake and give Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson maximum contracts. These players are not maximum contract NBA players, but they are very good players, nevertheless. The organization should instead gear up and put its best foot forward and try to get LeBron James.

New York Knicks fans have suffered long and hard for not having an NBA championship since the 1970s. They have endured the onslaught of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls. The Knicks always seem to lose the big games when they played against Jordan. When it is not Charles Smith choking out the Knicks only chance of beating Jordan, its Hubert Davis punching out a Chicago Bulls bench player and getting thrown out of a crucial playoff game, thus snuffing the Knicks’ chance of ever beating Michael Jordan in a playoff game.

The disappointment of Knicks fans continued the moment news broke that Kobe extended his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers (April 2). Now that there is no Kobe Bryant on the NBA free agent market, the New York Knicks only option is to wait and hope that LeBron James does not follow the footsteps of Kobe Bryant and sign with his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kobe recently signed a 3-year extension to remain with the Lakers. The hearts of Knicks fans sank when they heard the news of the signing. One cannot blame them. They have suffered long and hard and his hoping for a great NBA Basketball player to save them. So, for this to happened, so unexpectedly is disappointing.

LeBron James could still become a New York Knick, however. What is there to offer in Cleveland? New York City is the Mecca of sports including basketball and the place for a big-time player like LeBron James to show-off his basketball skills. If James decides to stay-put, the Cleveland Cavaliers better be good for the next 10 years because if they are not, Mr. James will only be a one-man show playing for a lousy team in a small NBA market.

However, LeBron playing for a bad basket ball team in New York City, a large NBA market will still make him famous…prime example, Patrick Ewing. Ewing played for the Knicks for a good 5 years before the team became any good. It was in the 1990s that the Knicks became really good under coach, Pat Riley. And although Ewing did not win a championship, he is still recognized as one of the Top 50 best players of all time and a Knicks Legend. So, not because Ewing did not win a championship and played on a bad Knicks team, he was still very popular around the NBA. In fact, he still is!

On the other hand, playing in Cleveland can stifle the celebrity of a great player. Mark Price for example, was a great player for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1990s. However, one will never hear anyone talking about Price as a great player. The only talk of him is when people talk about Michael Jordan’s Buzzer-beaters against the Price-lead Cavaliers.

So, playing for a Big-City NBA Basketball Team can definitely propel a player into the stratosphere of NBA Basketball. One might say that LeBron does not need any extra help in being recognized as a great player. However, no one can really tell the future for sure…whether or not his stardom in Cleveland will be stifled or not. In LeBron’s case, why take a chance, though?

With Kobe Bryant not on the free agent scene anymore, the New York Knicks management should put forth its best effort to sign LeBron James. Knicks Management should not make the mistake of spending Max-contract money on NBA Basketball players like Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson because these players are not Max-contract players.

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