Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron James to the Lakers

The summer of 2010 is just around the corner and as the time expires, rumors begin to fly about where all the coveted NBA superstars will end up. Yao Ming, Amare Stoudamire, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James are just some of the names that will be available and the list gets longer when restricted free agents are included. None of them is more coveted than LeBron James.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star is destined to be a champion and recent comments have stirred a wave of rumors that have him going the most unexpected teams in the NBA.

Just a couple of months New York City seemed like the most promising destiny for LeBron if the king decided to bolt on the Cavaliers. However, in recent weeks, it's been very clear that the New York Nicks are not a possible destination.

New York Nick is a mess. The team is losing, the management does not seem to have a handle in the situation and it underlined by the King's recent comments about how winning is more important than money, New York might not be a suitable destination after all.

One of the latest rumors gaining steam however, has the Cavaliers star LeBron James joining forces with NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

This was a rumor that seemed to NOT make sense. However, after analyzing the options for the King and the Cavaliers, it might just make a lot to sense. Cleveland Cavaliers has started the 2009-2010 seasons in a sour note. They have lost 3 out of seven games including a hear-breaker at home versus the Chicago Bulls.

There are many in Ohio already lamenting the Shaquille O'Neil experiment (Shaq was traded to the Cavaliers last month from the Phoenix Suns). In many experts' eyes, Cleveland is already sliding from the elite-status that has kept for the last three years. This is one more reason to believe the King might be looking into other possible homes. New York is no longer an option; Miami might be a nice city with beautiful weather but not enough fire-power to win right now.

The Lakers seemed to be a far fetched option at least last month. However, with recent comments from the LeBron James, it might very well be the next destination for the King.