Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James Still A One-Man Gang

When Lebron James was drafted straight out of High School as the overall number one pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he ignited light and hope into the heart of every Cavalier fan that had suffered and struggled through the team's mediocre history. Now, for the first time, they had a stud, a leader, a bona fide MVP-caliber star.

However great one player is, in the NBA there is no room for one-man shows when it comes to winning an NBA title. The road to glory is filled with two or three man gangs that dominated the landscape throughout the league's history. Players like LeBron James and Allen Iverson have proven that you can carry a team by yourself out of your own conference. This, provided the conference is weak and you are great.

LeBron, like Iverson before him, was a terror in the Eastern Conference playoffs, leading his team almost by himself, only to be squashed in the Finals by a superior team out of the Western Conference. LeBron James was magnificent against a rugged and battle-tested Detroit Pistons team last year in the Conference Finals. Dude was stupid in playing a one-on-five game where he was out-manned, out-experienced but not out-gunned. It took a Jordan-esque performance to get things done and so it went.

However, this kind of performance and energy exertion can not be expected on a night-in, night-out basis. Not if you as a Cleveland Cavalier fan want LeBron to produce for you in the long run, at the current level of production. Kobe Bryant is a great example of a player that won titles with a lot of help, but put him by himself and he, although a great talent still, can not lead a team all the way. There are just too many good teams for this to be accepted practice.

The bottom line is that Ben Wallace is on the downside, and Wally Szczerbiak-not enough help if you want to beat the Detroit Pistons or Boston Celtics this year. You've got the diamond, but still need to find the right setting.

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