LeBron James REFUSES to Stay at Trump Hotel

      25 Comments on LeBron James REFUSES to Stay at Trump Hotel

Many people, including a few NBA teams, have expressed their displeasure with Donald Trump winning the 2016 election, and are making their protests known. The Cleveland Cavaliers were scheduled to check into the Trump Hotel in New York when they take on the Knicks, but a few players made it clear they will not be checking into their rooms. LeBron James, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert and many other players have refused the stay, and have booked lodging elsewhere. Are players within their right to stay in separate accommodations for political reasons such as this? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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25 thoughts on “LeBron James REFUSES to Stay at Trump Hotel

  1. liberal tears

    aww poor babys they "don't like" him ……..he is such a racist but everytime i ask to be pointed toward a video of him saying shit that is racist i get nothing.Idk their reasoning but if they wanted hillary to win after letting our people die all while asking for backup or to leave and she ignored them THEN went to bed.I dont give two fucks……if YOU wanted hillary to run this country YOU are a fucking idiot. She has accepted money from saudi arabia and qatar so when she became president she could give them special favors. The people supporting isis……but TRUMP is worse somehow??? Lol no wonder we're fucked ……

  2. Joy Wasti

    lebron can stay where ever he wants to .. but the fact that he is not ready to accept the person America decided .. real team player..

  3. yomama Obamy

    Whhaaa ! I'm sure that President Trump won't be worried about this ape Lebron protesting like this, at least he won't be infecting any of his hotels with lice and nits. Hey nig boy Lebron, keep your black ass in the ghetto where your kind belong. My name is Jesse Jackass and I approve this message.


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