LeBron James – King of Cleveland

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LeBron James wears #23, like Michael Jordan before him, and like Jordan, has his team’s hometown in the palm of his hands.

It is good to be LeBron James these days. LeBron has become the leading scorer in Cleveland Cavaliers history, in short order, and is in the running for his first NBA MVP award, battling the likes of Kobe Bryant.

LeBron also graces the recent cover of Vogue Magazine, one of the few male athletes, or males period, that have done so. LeBron James is transcending the NBA, no easy task in today’s media. Few NBA players have done so successfully. Michael Jordan for sure. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant all fit into that category.

The endorsements have arrived, making LeBron wealthier than he could have imagined coming into the NBA as the most-highly touted High School phenom ever. What is remarkable, is that he has surpassed the hype, which was other-worldly.

LeBron James is the latest in the line, and he has staying power. Listen to him speak, and he is intelligent and thought-provoking. He is quickly becoming one of the faces, and voices of the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been fortunate, as LeBron is a one-man rock concert wherever he goes.

The Cavaliers otherwise are a good bar band. I suggest, as has LeBron himself has, to get him some help, the sooner the better. If LeBron James ever decides to take his rock concert elsewhere, the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers will be the ones singing the blues.

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