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Lebron James Heat Jersey-The Hottest Jersey since MJ # 23?

Lebron James Heat Jersey


Will Lebron James Win a NBA title With the Heat?


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Well ladies and gents the news has finally been broke Lebron James will join the Miami heat along side Dwayne wade and Chris bosh…So goes his Cleveland jersey and his #23 the he wore for his 6 year stint with Cleveland..

Lebron has decided to wear the #6 with the Miami heat. But James had said the number 6 has a role in his life. His first child was born on October 6.

His second child was born in the month of June, the sixth month of the year. And the number 6 was the jersey worn by LeBron’s second favorite player Julius Erving.

This jersey is sure to sell out its first week..Let alone when the NBA season starts. I think Lebron made a wise decision in retiring The #23 because we all know MJ was the man..

And hats off to Lebron James he’s a heck of a player but MJ was the best and still is the best player to play Basket ball Bar none..


Should Lebron James Have Stayed with cleveland cavaliers?

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I know that the Cleveland fans are a little upset with lebron Decision but like he said this is a business and you have to do what’s best for you and your family!! To grab lebron James heat jersey {Click Here Now}

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