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Keyshia Cole Baby Number Two – Rumors?

Just a few short months after giving birth to the first Keyshia Cole baby, now there are rumors that Keyshia and husband Daniel Gibson are preparing for a second baby! Is it true? Could Keyshia Cole baby number 2 be on the way?

Is it too early for Keyshia Cole baby number two? Should she and Daniel Gibson have waited a little longer before getting busy? What is your opinion?

Click here to vote: “Yes it is too early!” or “No it’s not too early.”

R&B pop sensation Keyshia Cole give birth to a very husky brand new bouncing baby boy earlier in March of 2010. But as for the rumors about a second Keyshia Cole baby, neither Keyshia nor Daniel would either confirm nor deny the report. However no one can deny that at the BET Awards in 2010 earlier in the summer, there was certainly some sort of ‘bump’ in Keyshia Cole’s mid-section!

Could there be a baby growing in there? Or has she simply not lost the baby weight from her recent pregnancy? No one knows for sure just yet because both Cole and Gibson have remained tight lipped on the issue.

Keyshia became an ultra successful R&B pop sensation seemingly overnight. Cole’s husband, Daniel Gibson is a professional basketball player with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. The two dated for about a year before Cole give birth to their son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. in March of 2010. Cole and Gibson were engaged for a short time before finally getting married.

During her pregnancy Keyshia was hospitalized after experiencing serious complications from pregnancy. The outpouring of fan support was amazing. It’s obvious that Keyshia Cole fans are dedicated people with big hearts!

Here is a bit of background information on Keyshia for those who have been hiding under a rock or living in a cave for the past few years! Oakland native Keyshia Michelle Cole, born Oct. 15, 1981 is a platinum album selling R&B artist with a successful reality TV documentary show on BET called “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” which aired from 2006 to 2008.

Keyshia has worked with some very famous R&B and Hip Hop artists such as Tupac Shakur, R. Kelly, Kanye West, Missy Elliot and Lil’ Kim. She has also made guest appearances on TV shows with Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton! Keyshia certainly has name dropping bragging rights! In 2006 she dated rapper Young Jeezy but declined his marriage proposal. In 2009 Keyshia began to date NBA star Daniel Gibson.

If the rumors are true and there is a second Keyshia Cole baby, then this would be the 29 year old’s second baby with her current husband in about a year’s time! Now that is getting busy!

Keyshia Cole baby number two could be expected to arrive in our world some time in the early part of 2011, assuming there are no complications with the pregnancy. All we need now is to find out if this rumor has any truth to it or not! But the word has been totally silent from Keyshia’s family and friends and inner circle. If the latest Keyshia Cole baby rumors are true, then little Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr should be looking for a new baby playmate sooner than anyone would have expected!

Come on Keyshia! Don’t keep us waiting in the dark any longer! Confirm or deny the Keyshia Cole baby rumors going round!

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