Cleveland Cavaliers

How do the Cleveland Cavaliers Get Better?

Maybe the question should be: Can the Cleveland Cavaliers get better?

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  • Just get rid of Iman Shumpert and JR. Shumpert is complete ass and isn't worth that money and JR is a role player

  • Oh wait y'all wanna get rid of JR and Shump but last yr they weren't trash they were "supposedly" gold stolen from the Knicks.

  • I think they should've kept Andrew Wiggins. Sure he may not be as talented as Love but he's definitely more cheaper. They could've fit another player under under that cap space plus Wiggins.

  • Would you trade Tristan Thompson for Melo then? I do agree with you though they are stuck with these players they have. Some of these deals are bad. I would say maybe they could package a 1st and a big contract just to get space but they may not even have the picks.

  • Before we start crowning Boston the worst #1 Seed in NBA history let's remember they was also

    * The YOUNGEST #1 seed in NBA history.

    – That is all.

  • Although it would never be a possible occurrence, the actual best fitting piece for Cleveland is Klay Thompson. He's an unselfish spot up shooter who is versatile, praises ball movement and is an excellent defender. Say somehow that move would be possible I'd go for him, and Gortat, get rid of love, korver, Smith and Thompson.

  • KLove to the kings for pick 5 and 10? Creates cap relief to sign a competent free agent and also 2 young rookies to help with depth that could turn into stars.

  • The only way is if CP3 takes a vet minimum to play with Cleveland, which is incredibly unlikely. But that might do it. I think Cleveland should be more worried about actually making the finals this year. Boston just needs one big piece to challenge them, and they have the assets to do so.

  • They killed their cap space. LeBron needs to jump ship, sign for peanuts, convince Chris Paul to sign for peanuts and others the same.

  • They have to find good defensive role players on cheap contracts. Their defense is horrible this year. That's their problem. They can score, but they can't slow good teams down. They need to search the Dleague, free agent pool and the ends of other teams rosters for guys who can defend. Diamond in the rough type guys. Joe Ingles (Jazz), Dewayne Dedmon and Johnathan Simmons (Spurs) are good examples of the type of guys I mean. Guys who other teams have overlooked but can flourish in their system.

    That's what they have to do. Because they are over the luxury tax and they are not getting another star. Anyone who thinks they can get Paul George, Gordon Hayward, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Jimmy Butler or any other big name player is in a dream world. It's not going to happen.

  • In the Cavaliers defense though, most of their financial decisions were made before Durant signed with Golden State.

  • I agree that Carmelo wouldn't work with the Cavs. I say that the Cavs need to worry less about winning the eastern conference and more about matching up with the warriors which in my opinion means they still have to move Kevin Love. Even though he fits their needs perfectly in terms of balancing their lineup he just doesn't work well against Draymond, and LeBron can't be asked to go 30, 10, 10 and also defend KD. So I say move LeBron to the 4 spot and trade love for a physical perimeter defender that can shoot the 3 ball to match up (to a point) with KD. Maybe Nicolas Batum, Wilson Chandler, or even as some rumors have said Paul George. (Which would never happen) But one thing is certain, and that is that the Cavs just aren't defensively versatile enough to handle the Warriors.

  • They never should've gotten Kevin loves soft ass they should've kept Wiggins younger cheaper they should've let Thompson JR smith and iman shumpert go then gotten korver and they never should've signed Deron Williams the worst move of them all

  • in short , GM's and teams DO NOT do the Billy King, he is the spokes person for ,its a SUCKER BORN every minute…
    Kevin Garnett
    Paul Pierce,
    the Knicks is trying hard to trade Melo, at this point in his career, its been a ballhawking dead offense.

  • I hope somebody else like "Boston" gets better. Because another Cavs/Warriors final. I don't want to see it…..