Cleveland Cavaliers

Did the Celtics betray Isaiah Thomas by trading him to the Cavaliers? | The Jump | ESPN

The Jump crew questions if the Boston Celtics betrayed Isaiah Thomas by trading him to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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  • They shitted on Isaiah Thomas. I understand it's a business but this man still played right after his sister passed…..that's beyond business. That means he bled green and gave his team and teammates his heart. That's why these players should always do what's best for them bcuz as we can see these GM's and owners only see dollar signs

  • I'm from Boston and I love IT and everything he did for my team. This is not to knock him because he is great and he does deserve to get paid but shooting your mouth off about your coach in the middle of a playoff series is not loyal and holding the team hostage with a fucking brinks truck is not loyal. To say that The Celtics did this unreasonably and turned its back on him is just bullshit. And just because a few idiots burned his jersey and ESPN jumped all over it doesn't mean that's how this city views him. This channel reminds me of another network that manipulates information (CNN)

  • so teams can trade whenever, but player's are snake's for doing that ………..tell me your waking up some please dont stay so brainwashed, i dont need to hear your reason why either, i heard all that dumb shit before, know you see why kd did what he did stop being a bitch and wake up.

  • This is why you NEVER do anything for any business that isn't yours……. if I'm Isaiah I'll punch Danny Ainge dead in his face the next time I see him…. playing for a Team after his sister's death…. really this is FUCK YOU moment that everyone should remember.

  • Personally, I think there is more to sports than just statistics, money and W/L. There's also the identity and legacy that bands the fans together. Look at the Spurs, they play beautiful team basketball with their passing and cutting. Or the GSW's up tempo ball movement and 3 point shots. Even the Sixers, and their trust in "The Process".

    For me, players like IT and Avery Bradley represented what being a Celtic is about —– Grit, Heart and Scrappiness. Trading them away feels like losing part of the team's identity 🙁

  • Well all nba teams are going to disrespect I.T. because none are going to give any 5"9 player a 200 million dollar contract period

  • Celtics don't look that impressive with Kyrie and Hayward as the best two players. They're missing a piece. I can't wait for the hype to die this ain't the same team as 16-17 season.

  • The NBA is the wild west it's a stars race now you're either getting the best possible players or you're losing the Celtics weren't realistically about to pay a 30 year old who had a hip injury in the big stage the max I didn't think he could lead them and neither did Danny this trade was inevitable they traded Paul Pierce for crying sakes wtf made you think Isaiah wouldn't be up for grabs

  • how is what's going on in the nba any different than what everyone else deals with at their jobs on a regular basis.

  • This is just a dumb move by the Celtics and I'm not even a Celtics fan but I feel retarded. I got it, you want to "up grade" your team and build a championship team. But it is not like you are trading IT for Lebron James. This trade could go either way meaning that it could be good or bad for the Celtics IMO.

    I just don't see the reason to pull this shit off. It is clearly not good enough as a business decision. For fucks sake, we all know that its business and they are all happy millionaires under the scene but as a basketball fan. I respected how the Lakers treated Kobe. It says a lot about the organization, too.

  • It's also a business for fans so I guess fans can boycott games in the arena and in their living room which would mean no more big contracts for the boys and owners. The thing about real business is that you give and get some and if loyalty is a commodity that the otherside wants in the deal than you give it to them for that pay check.

  • The same dude traded away Kendrick Perkins when Boston was #1 in the East.. he worked hard for months rehabbing his knee just to help win banner 18 for the city

  • If fans can't be upset by trades or players making trade requests then they cant be invested if you say this is purely a business everytime then at the end of the day fans should jusy disengage from teams and players and be like why support you.. Its like supporting Walmart