Cleveland Cavaliers vs Portland Trail Blazers – 1st Half Highlights | Jan 11, 2017 | 2017 NBA Season

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42 thoughts on “Cleveland Cavaliers vs Portland Trail Blazers – 1st Half Highlights | Jan 11, 2017 | 2017 NBA Season

  1. Douglas Mikes

    Cavs just lost by 16 points to a sub .500 team. Sub .500 is the same record LeSnitch has in the Finals. And Kyle Korver has scored 4 points in 2 games. He's definitely a game changer for the Cavs.

  2. Joseph Serdena

    if cavs in the west lebron will cry like a baby….mj is more more better than u and u will never surpass michael jordan…..

  3. Herp Derp

    Half the comments are about how Lebron flopped, losing to the worse defense team in NBA and warrior/cavs bandwagon banter.

    And here I am to tell you that don't let this distract you from the fact that Slytherin blew a 472 to 312 point lead to Gryffindor for the house cup during the trophy presentation ceremony at Hogwarts back in 1992

  4. Bennie Scales

    are yal serious rn lol the Cavs always have nights likes this I rather it happened now then in the playoffs… back to back loses.. they gone get right tho

  5. dis NINJA ho3

    What happen to Kyle K? They hyped that dude up big time. Bust! Lol on the real though, I was going for cavs tonight. Just cuz my nephew is a lebron fan lol and it's his bday. Ya let me down smh

  6. Curry The Goat Of Mankind Last Nba Legend

    hahaha where are those cav fans!? warriors stay wining and the cavs stay lossing and bad! hahaha who can stop us now! go mighty warriors! go curry!

  7. Dαrwin Mαnαlαng

    Tf was that first lineup Cavs?! Shooting guard DeANDRE Liggins LOL XD Kyle korver is better than Liggins….well Goodluck cavs ??

  8. 6Kyubi6 VG

    Warriors can't even make to the finals Cavs just have to focus and forget about Regular Season Dial SevenThree and 9 If u can't means = No RING

  9. Jaymin Bernhardt

    C'mon gives the Blazers credit. If you've been watching them as of the last couple weeks, their defense has been red hot. Also even the best defensive teams in the NBA give up lots of points to the Blazers. They are among the highest scoring teams in the league this year.

  10. Unbiasedbasketball

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  11. Algorythm-C

    finally we see a team play excellent defense on lebron james. James couldn't hang on the westcoast at all.. too many monstrous teams

  12. Kurt Russell Ignacio

    These Warriors bandwagon acting like Cavs blew 3-1 lead, come on it's still regular season every team could beat you, Spurs fan

  13. TheEpicBaneman

    How did the Cavs lose to us :') I love the cavs yes i'm bias cause I grew up amazed by LeBron in his prime but my favorite player is Lillard. Seriously tho I know we have a great back court but our defense isn't top particularly in the paint yet the cavs lose to us badly… reminds me of us whoopin the warriors last year makes me happy. Whats funny is haven't you guys notice how some of our starters we used to have are big key players now, Mathews is doing amazing in dallas, Batum has been reliable in charlette, Aldridge has been a beast in san. Now we need a legit center no not the new age the old school rim protector because we have two talented big man already but they too light weight. Well I was surprised last night by this outcome


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