Cleveland Cavaliers Interested In Signing Larry Sanders!!! Would He Improve The Cavs?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are interested in signing Larry Sanders. Should the Cavs bring in the big man?

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44 thoughts on “Cleveland Cavaliers Interested In Signing Larry Sanders!!! Would He Improve The Cavs?

  1. gagetgirl

    Don't know what drove him to leave the Bucks and the NBA. Hope he rekindled his passion for the game. Don't think he go to the Cavs, because there are teams out there that will pay him more money.

  2. Toxic Melody

    If Larry does join the Cavs and is anything like his successful Buck days Tristan will probably lose his starting job or move to PF

  3. Depressed Warriors Fan

    Honestly how many more players are the Cavs going to want, they are already 30,000,000+ over the cap space.

  4. StevenC32

    Larry Sanders cannot handle the mental stress of a championship run. If he could not handle the stress of playing for the Milwaukee Bucs then he definitely could not handle the stress in Cleveland during the playoffs.

  5. young MB

    The Cavs should try to get Moreland, Tavares, or even,  even Sanders I hate to say it. I don't know much about Thompson or Hickson, maybe they could work as well?  I'd also maybe add Sullinger. I'd try to get troy Williams too from the d league, but I  doubt they'll be adding any one else like him this late in the season, but what the heck Houston added a bunch so why not? They need more shot blocking rim protection first of all but speed and athleticism  in open court, someone who plays good defense. Next year I think they need to add more younger guys and retire some guys like Jones and Frye. Even Love looks a touch on the slow side, hopefully he's good for this season and next. Their injury filled season points to them needing to add more youth and speed and better d. They don't any more guys who spot up to shot threes, but can't play d or run the floor.  And DeAndre Liggins should stay instead

  6. Brandon Devereaux

    It might sound crazy but he just kinda solidified our 2nd championship!! Go watch highlights of him in milwaukee and picture him with thompson down low, love too.. and bron. He's well rested too! Omg lmao


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