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Chris Broussard: The Cleveland Cavaliers need a dose of adversity | UNDISPUTED

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Are the Cleveland Cavaliers getting a little too complacent? Chris Broussard shares his take on the Cavs this season.

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  • I hope Cousins gets traded to Washington, Maybe they can make the east interesting cause as of now the east is a joke.



  • Chris is right the cavs can sleep walk to the finals hell the cavs can just win 50 games and still be favor to get to the finals.

  • I hope the cavs lose more games because the more games they lose the more pressure is put on kyrie and lebron. Kyrie and lebron play better when it actually matters. I notice Kyrie and Lebron are divas during the regular season and they be bullshitting lol When it playoffs come they will be better.

  • I aint even trying be on cavs nuts but anytime u got a guy like kyrie who can score pg kobe like wit lebron? no need to worry

  • Impossible to see an adversity in the East. One of the big three could rest all season and they will still be a 1st or 2nd seed. Hell two of the big three could get them to the NBA finals.

  • Iguadala and Curry had a booboo no serious injury. Bogut was injured but he would not have made a difference and Green not playing game 5 did play game 6. Stop hating on the Cavaliers. You all give credit where credit is due. I know lighty has a problem with Cavaliers but they did win the finals. Last nights game was the 17th game in an eighty two series. You getting ahead of yourselves. The Cavs did not play well it seemed as if they thought too much and played too little but they have a comeback history and that is what we franchismust not forget. Stop hating on LeBron. When the Cavs were winning 13 out of 17 nobody had anything to say now they loose the haters is full force. I do not see the Cavs neither the Warriors in the finals.
    Too many new improved franchises

  • The Warriors lost last year because they didn't have any hustle it drive. They felt like hey didn't have to work for their title, and that it would just be handed to them. The Cavaliers won because they had a sense of urgency. Heck, Steph Curry attempted what should've been an easy pass to Klay Thompson, but he gets cocky and too cute with it and it sails out of bounds. I'm starting to see that in the Cavaliers. Maybe they'll turn it on and get serious in the playoffs, but maybe they won't.

  • I understand the 3-1 down story Cavs come back and win the NBA Championship in decades, but that was last year. Just because you did it last year doesn't mean it will happen again this year. I don't see the Clippers or Spurs and Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead if given the opportunity against the Cavs.

  • Bogut injured, Draymond suspension, and Iguadola banged up is and the refs help is the reason Cav's won the Title but not anymore

  • GS are playing well since there few losses of the season but we all know LBJ will be at his best when they face each other it going to be wicked!

  • I bet skip bayless goes onto eBay and buys up all of LeBron James rare memorabilia just to set it on fire. Jordan went to 6 finals LeBron is going to his seventh. straight finals