Celtics-Cavs Game 5 Recap

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Many expected (including myself) predicted the Cavaliers would defeat the Celtics today then finish the series Thursday in Boston. LeBron James never got started taking only 14 shots which resulted to Cleveland losing 120-88. The highlight of the game was a double crossover that Rondo displayed which had Rasheed Wallace in stitches.

At this stage in his career Shaq should not be the team’s leading scorer when LeBron is on the court. Once again Mo Williams continued to get exposed defensively by his counter part at the point guard position. Derrick Rose is the first round now Rondo’s turn. They are passing him around like foreign currency. If Cleveland looses Thursday we know Danny Ferry will not return O’Neal, most likely fire Mike Brown, and probably loos LeBron James via free agency.

Like my Chicago Blackhawks, this is the best chance for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win a world championship. The last time the Cavs had this good of a team to win a title was 1989 but their season ended by The Shot.

A possible destination for LeBron James is the Chicago Bulls which was first reported on Sportscenter last night. If King James came to the Bulls, the starting lineup of Noah, Gibson, Deng, James, Rose would challenge Boston and Orlando for Eastern Conference supremacy. But if the Chicago Bulls also landed Joe Johnson or Dwayne Wade, pencil the Bulls as Eastern Conference champions for the next 5 years winning at least three championships.

The future of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball organization depends on what happens in game 6 against the Boston Celtics.

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