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Are Cleveland Cavaliers Better Than Last Year? – NBA The Jump

NBA The Jump Today 12/2/16 live from Chicago to preview the Cavs-Bulls game and discuss if Draymond Green’s kicking has gone too far. Plus, Bulls GM Gar Forman joins the show.

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Are Cleveland Cavaliers Better Than Last Year?
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  • i'm sure Kevin is more comfortable but am I the only 1 that noticed he entered this season in much better shape has improved quickness and mobility compared to the first two years in Cleveland

  • Cleveland when Lebron is playing well is scary enough, but Cleveland when K Love and Kyrie are comfortable and playing well is a much MUCH scarier beast.

  • Just shows how good lebron can make others when things fall in place. his on court prescence Asks so much attention that he automaticly opens opportunities for his teammates. on the other hand lebrons quickness size and hand speed power throw and vision make things a hell lot of Easier for everybody

  • He's won 3 championships. He knows he's a solid Hall-of-Famer. He knows he'll be top 5 all time and he might end up questionable as number 1. He knows he probably won't catch up to Michael in rings (and probably not Kobe either). He knows that even if he does, he still wouldn't be 6 for 6 in the finals like Mike… so it really doesn't matter. He knows that he used a super-team to get his first 2 rings. He knows that the chips are already in the pot. He knows that any given ring isn't going to make or break his legacy… and besides that… he's a reigning champion at the moment.

    What in the world makes you think he'd have the championship on his mind at this moment?

    That's like thinking that Leonardo Dicaprio is thinking about how he can get laid tonight when he's eating breakfast… he's not worried. He knows he's getting what's coming to him. He's not oxygen deprived.

  • i think the difference maker is K love totally agree. He got the monkey off his back it was always "trade Love" but now that they've proven that they can win even with him having struggles on the offensive end. He's playing much more confidently now and looks good out there

  • Also i don't think Lebron really wanted a golden state rematch until midseason when they were on a historic pace with everybody saying Curry was the best in the league. Not many, despite winning 67 games, had Golden State back in the finals. I think that was what really triggered the Cavs golden state rivalry, people saying curry was better than lebron

  • The truth is Steph choked last year and I'm finding it hard to root for them especially that, now, they have another choker in Durant. Another truth also is that Cavs won last year because of the NBA.

    Oh come on! be honest and unbiased before you decide to defend Lebron.

  • they play much better now than before. they'll be in the finals again, they work together very well. meanwhile gsw is struggling right now when they face the cavs.

  • They are 100% better. Love is finally really fitting in and scoring a lot with a better jumpshot. Kyrie is passing way more and being more efficient. Frye is splashing from the beginning last year it was in the end. And the King is still the King. We need Iman en JR to do some damage as well. Cause they been bad. Eventhough JR is injured right now