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Top 5 most successful sports comebacks in history

1. Kim Clijsters

Kim is a Belgian professional tennis player. She is the daughter of former footballer Lei Clijsters and Els Vandecaetsbeek. She is a former number 1 player. After two years of injuries Kim decided that 2007 would be her last years as a professional tennis player. On May 6, 2007, after a tournament in Warsaw, where she again suffered from injuries, Clijsters announced on her website that she would immediately stop tennis.

On March 26, 2009 Clijsters announced her comeback on the WTA tournament in Cincinnati on August 10. Later on in 2009 she played the US Open as a wildcard entry. Clijsters won the US Open 2009 by beating Caroline Wozniacki in the final with 7-5 en 6-3.

2. Lance Armstrong

Armstrong is best known for his record victories in the Tour the France and as a world champion. Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times in a row, from 1999 to 2005. In 1996 he was prognosed with testicular cancer and the doctors gave him twenty to forty percent chance of survival. In 2005, after winning his last Tour de France, he said that this was the perfect moment for a retirement.

In september 2008 he announced he was planning a comeback. The main reason behind his comeback was to call attention to the problems of cancer and make his organisation, Livestrong, well known around the world. The other reason was to prove that he is a non-doping cyclist.

In 2009 he gained the third place in the Tour the France and his career isn’t over yet…

3. Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda was one of the best F1-racers in the world. Lauda won his first world title in 1975 and seemed headed for his second in 1976 when he flew off the road in August 1 of that year at the German Grand Prix (the Nurburgring). He was threatened to burn alive when the wreck caught fire. His racing career seemed over, but to everyone’s amazement Lauda was back behind the wheel of his Ferrari a few weeks later and he missed the world title with just one point. 

He retired in 1977 (after winning the world title agan) to start his own airline. In 1982 he was lured back to the Formula 1 by McLaren, where in 1984 he won his third world championship. At the end of 1985 Lauda left Formula 1 forever.

4. Mario Lemieux

Mario was one of the greatest NHL players of all-time. Lemieux began his career in 1984 with the Pittsburgh Penguins, which was, at that moment, the worst club in the NHL. He helped the club to win the Stanley Cup both in 1991 and 1992. Over the years received numerous individual awards and Lemieux himself he grew into a legend in the sport.

In 1993 Lemieux beated cancer and he could continue his career, but in 1996 he was forced to retire because of severe back pain. Four years later (in 1997) he made his comeback. In his first game, he scored a goal and added three assists, then in 2006 he received cardiac arrhythmias and again at age 40 was forced to retire.

5. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a famous NBA Basketball player. Almost his entire career he played for the Chicago Bulls (1984 – 1993 and 1995 – 1998). He retired in 1993 and started a new career: golf. That didn’t work out, so he came back to the NBA in 1995 with the words “I’m back”. In his fifth game he scored 55 points against the enemy of the 90s, the New York Knicks. In that year the Bulls lost their semifinal of the Eastern Conference 4-2 against Orlando Magic with players like Shaquille O’Neal and Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.

In his first full season after his comeback Jordan became topscorer for the eight time, but something much more memorable was delivered by the Bulls. They where the first team in the history of the NBA (which officially exists since 1947) to win 70 games (they’ve won 72 games)

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