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Top 10 Useful Shopping Sites

I’ve been doing a lot of research on social shopping, deal and bargain sites to familiarize myself with the industry. I’ve come up with a list of my favorite websites besides ours below. I hope that you will find them useful.

1. I really liked that they offer a “what’s hot by city” feature. I could easily check out what other experienced shoppers were saying about some great deals in my city. It also helps that my city (Chicago) is the 5th most active on thisnext, so I came across many great finds there.

2. This is a very cool local Chicago site that works on collective buying power. If a certain number of people committ to their deal each day, then they all get cool discounted items at really low prices due to the quantity. For example, they had Chicago Bulls tickets featured a while ago for like $10 and they have also featured heavily discounted services from local providers. So they offer more than just great deals on tangible products but actually really good deals on all kinds of useful local stuff.

3. Because cool gadgets aren’t for guys only. I love my ipod and other electronics that help make my life easier, plus I love the design and name of the site :).

4. Lots of cool stuff for babes on a budget. Plus she worked for four and a half years producing content for Anybody that has worked with Oprah is good in my book.

5. Everything is free, no registration, just have to pay for shipping. They even have some free jewelry.

6. I got a pair of headphones for $1 here and have been hooked ever since. They are a daily deal site with one cool item a day. I’ve made a couple posts on them already because they are our buds and a local Chicago startup as well. You can find them on our “Deal of the Day” feature at

7. are our buds too, but they’re prices are truly dreamworthy. Of course jewelry was the first thing I checked out and was shocked at some of the values. They even have a whole page for valentine’s gifts, I hope my hubby gets me something from them ;).

8. She made the list of top 10 Coupon Mommy blogs on This is where I found out about a free bottle of Suave Shampoo the other day and Lots of good info every day here, you might want to subscribe to her RSS feed to get free updates.

9. This is a rewards type shopping site that allows you to earn money for college by shopping with their merchants. Its a great concept and they are partnered with all major stores and restaurants.

10. Twitter- Okay this isn’t exactly a shopping or bargain site, but I just joined recently and have been fortunate enough to meet many cool people and get updates on very good deals. You can follow us on twitter but even if you’re not on twitter you can use the previously mentioned that scours twitter for you to find great deals and bargains daily.

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