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Sports BIT | Chicago Bulls vs Detroit Pistons | Betting Preview

Pistons got star player Reggie Jackson back so the team will have to get adjusted to the rotation and that might become an issue when they face the Bulls. Join Teddy and Pauly for a complete betting preview. Top NBA Sportsbooks:

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back on sports bit betting insight
today time for big game breakdown
let’s go with game number one in the NBA
Bulls hit the road to take on the
Pistons Detroit five-and-a-half 198 the
total you can see the odds go to what
the SBR live Odds page is the pistons
favorite in this one roller coaster the
NBA Pistons ready to turn the corner of
the road trip is they won at Charlotte
blew them out they were getting
three-and-a-half getting six-and-a-half
beat the celtics on the road by seven
getting a one and a half in Atlanta blew
them out then they come home they get
Reggie Jackson back what happened no
show blown out all by the magic well and
not blown out i mean they lost 98-92
there were seven point favorites but
obviously the dog now four straight out
white wins in the last four pissing what
same thing happens all the time when a
star player comes back first game back
there everyone’s adjusting minutes
everyone’s adjusting rotations and we’re
getting used to that guy back on the
floor not just offensively defensively
as well a lot of guys tend to just a
natural reaction
oh we got this star back everybody kind
of lets down a little bit happens
consistently in the NBA and it happened
to the pistons in Reggie Jackson’s first
game back he is ok at 18 points four
assists in a little over twenty two
minutes to play the pistons were plus 4
when he was on the floor and minus ten
the rest of the game but I mean Pauly
you see it right here with Stan Van
Gundy is quote his return to the lineup
created some instant problems with the
Detroit defensive rotated that had been
in pretty good form prior to that

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