Rajon Rondo Apologizes To Chicago Bulls – NBA The Jump

NBA The Jump Today 12/7/16 Rajon Rondo Apologizes To Chicago Bulls.

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19 thoughts on “Rajon Rondo Apologizes To Chicago Bulls – NBA The Jump

  1. Coach JG

    No matter how important you are to the team or how much money you're making, how dare you think you can treat another grown man like that? This guy is unstable.

  2. Ronnie Alston

    Phil need to leave the front office hes not the coach he shouldn't be trying to force a offense on a team that don't want to play that style and its hard to say being Phil Is a great coach and I'm a Laker Fan but your the GM let the coach be the coach

  3. Rampart D.

    John Wall would be immortal if he would of dropped 52 as a Knick, Laker, Celtic, or 76ser. Idk why those teams produce the most popular players. Also Wall game is kind of boring and he doesn't light it up. I think everyone likes the "shooters" now a days.

  4. Arsène Lupin

    Well, that Chicago Bulls assistant coach is a snitch that goes behind the head coach's back and snitches on the players and coaching staff to the GM. There is some serious issue behind the scene with Bulls organization. Rondo is not the kind of guy that takes bullshit well

  5. Et Cetera

    J Wall is weak man, Anthony Davis played hard for 10 games straight and lost every single one cuz his teams sucks. Wall plays one good game and goes off. weak bro.

  6. Tommy Gunz, II

    @6:00 why is this even a conversation. The Bulls only ran the triangle in the half court 40% of the time. The Knicks are currently running it about 30% of the time. Melo DOES hold the ball too long and even the people criticizing Phil for saying it have said it a million times for the past 3 years anyway. This is a stupid conversation to be having anyway


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