Chicago Bulls

Pippen Shoes

When one hears of the Chicago Bulls, one person automatically comes into mind, Michael Jordan. Indeed, MJ or "His Airness" is one of, if not, the best player that ever played the game of basketball. His legacy that was left to the public was so great that until now, many aspiring basketball players and young professional players look up and venerate him.

However, Jordan would not have been as popular and as great as he was without the help of his teammates especially his play partner, Pippen. Scottie Pippen is the main supporting player in the roster of the then Michael led Chicago Bulls. Scottie Pippen usually played the second guy in charge next to Michael Jordan. The Chicago Bulls rely on him to lead the team when Michael Jordan is not around and to support Michael Jordan in s coring and leading the team when Michael Jordan is around.

The increasing popularity of MJ and the Constant dominance of the Chicago Bulls in the court, contributed greatly to the popularity of Scottie Pippen. Thus, the Pippen Shoes was greatly patronized by many basketball fans. These shoes are designed and built for comfort. Its air sole provides a light feeling for the shoes. Thus, the person wearing the shoes would feel that it is lighter and more conducive to speed and agility in court. In addition, the Pippen Shoes are worn by many athletes who are known for their athleticism just like Scottie Pippen himself who exemplifies well roundedness in the court.

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