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One of Dwyane Wade’s signature moves still is working — 14 seasons in

Wizards coach Scott Brooks talked about it Wednesday before his team whipped the Bulls 107-97 at the United Center. It lands on any and all scouting reports involving the Bulls. And yet it still happens — with regularity.

Dwyane Wade pump-fakes, draws a defender in the air and goes to the free throw line after getting fouled.

“Everybody knows it’s coming. And you just can’t do anything about it,” Brooks said. “He just has that knack because he’s such a great midrange player.”

It’s a signature move that still works 14 seasons into a Hall of Fame career.

“He has everything,” Brooks said. “Even at this age (34), he’s still one of the best guards in the league.”

Wade’s five free throw attempts per game rank second behind Jimmy Butler on the Bulls.

“Wade is rubbing off on Butler now,” Brooks said. “He’s starting to (pump-fake) at a high level.”

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