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One like/dislike from the Chicago Bulls loss vs. the Los Angeles Clippers

The Chicago Bulls lost to the Los Angeles Clippers 112-106 Tuesday in the United Center. Here’s my one like and dislike from the game.

The Chicago Bulls lost to the Los Angeles Clippers 112-106 Tuesday in the United Center. The Clippers won the season series 2-0.


The Chicago Bulls’ record is 23-44 after the loss. They have the eighth worst record in the league and are five games back of the worst record in the association.

Fun Fact #1

The Chicago Bulls allowed the Clippers to shoot a season-high 41 free-throws. The last time the Bulls allowed a team to attempt 40 or more free-throws was in the Bulls’ Jan. 7, 2017 victory over the Toronto Raptors. The Chicago Bulls attempted 39 free-throws of their own in the win.

Fun Fact #2

The Chicago Bulls have lost five straight games to the Clippers. Their last win against the Los Angeles franchise was on Dec. 10, 2015. Minnesota Timberwolves guards Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose and forward Taj Gibson were all members of the Chicago Bulls in the franchise’s last win against the Clippers. In fact, forward Bobby Portis, the player of the game, is the only player on the current Bulls’ roster who was on the active roster member during the Bulls’ last win vs. the Clippers.

Dislike: Free-throw disparity

There wasn’t a lot I disliked from the Chicago Bulls’ loss. The Bulls scored 60 points in the paint, outscored the Clippers in fast break opportunities, didn’t turn the ball over a lot (8.9 turnover percentage, 94th percentile) and stuck around for most of the game. But, the free-throw disparity left a bad taste in my mouth.

It’s a cliché thing to say, but free-throws cost the Chicago Bulls the game. The Clippers attempted an astounding 41 free-throws. Clippers guard Lou Williams made and attempted just as many shots from the charity stripe (13-of-14) as the entire Bulls roster (13-of-15). The Chicago Bulls committed 13 shooting fouls. For comparison, the Bulls only drew five shooting fouls.

A reason the Clippers were able to get to the line so easily is because the Bulls were a step (or two) slow with their defensive rotations. They had delayed reactions to the Clippers’ ball movement. The Bulls committed lazy, and at times ineffective, fouls to cover their tracks. But, this led to easier scoring opportunities for the Clippers.

Defense has been an issue for the Bulls all season. Their rotations leave a lot to be desired and teams make them pay for it. The Chicago Bulls have shown the ability to play intense defense in spurts. They need to consistently play with intensity on the less glamorous end of the floor.

Like: Lopez

Center Robin Lopez doesn’t get a lot of love. His game isn’t flashy and he doesn’t create a lot of highlight real worthy moments. But, he’s been an absolute delight for the Chicago Bulls and has handled the Bulls significantly reducing his minutes like a true professional.

He put up 12 points on 6-of-8 shooting in only 12 minutes of play (all in the first quarter). He also gave us this dunk.

There isn’t a guarantee Lopez will be on the roster next season. The Chicago Bulls have made it clear he isn’t in their plans for the future. But, his professionalism and effectiveness will always be appreciated.

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