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Nike and Movement

In 1980 the Moscow Olympics ovett and that’s probably coe Steve something “first” Nike: first, the first gold medal, quick Nike Shox shoes becomes the first sales (beyond the adidas), and at the same time we first European headquarters was in Holland.
Nike began his roots and develop international promotion opportunities.

In America’s growth and development (1980)
In the national football team,we continue our series on running and the success of the Nike basketball, branching expanded to football.Nike football enter the market to provide the most professional football shoes, and professional players and development together.Just like in the running for the promotion of the grass-roots – – in other athletes service is sports.
Nike basketball as well as market occupation NBA player no.1 brand of wearing sneakers.In 1982, Nike for more than 50% of the NBA players to provide professional sports shoes.The main national rugby team with Nike schmidt mike star sign, because the continued development with Nike unceasingly progress of science and technology of the product.
Nike in the 1980s as olive players wearing the most athletic shoes.

Mike schmidt also in Nike world headquarters in the campus, he has a name.Create a new world record.In 1981, Nike sneakers alberto salazar dressed in the Manhattan created a new world record.Salazar help us develop science and technology pioneer of sport while improving the Nike running market share.He later to the United States in Nike sports marketing headquarters in one house with his name.

1984 Olympic Games
During the Olympics, Carl. Lewis won four gold MEDALS and Joan. Get to a women’s marathon benoit gold.58 Nike athletes won the support of 65 MEDALS.And got 919.8 $profits.

On rail (Nike brand sets) (1985) sets the continuation and development of John McEnroe wearing his unique world of Nike sports equipment, “the promotion activities,” in the world.Back on track (the next) collections reorganized Nike (1985) in 1985, the signing of the Chicago bulls, mike. Jordan, new sports to Nike is bringing him, promote the innovation of sports product development, and the product design concern, development, advertisement, and the market. This collection concept in the development, footwear products, garments, price, market, advertising in the collection of all under the concept of integration of Jordan. It is a new, more attention, the rate of energy brand.

“just do it (1988).”
Beyond the enormous success of imagination of market activity.He quickly became a common sometimes personalization. It is the movement of sound language, sports. It brought dreams. It means action, no excuses, can be odd, excited, and beyond imagination. This is the Nike.It really become a part of American history.

Ronaldo – – – – – the Brazilian star
Nike shox begin to enter the world market.1996 and Brazil signed a contract for the 1998 World Cup, jointly.Nike has brought the world history of the lightest of football shoes, boots on the industrial revolution, from its appearance, expression, more light, more comfortable, speed and power.The 2002 World Cup – growth of our business and keep our sincere (movement)
Nike football in the world’s biggest ever done, also have the ambition website.NIike had been Sponsorship 8 teams.Ronaldo into 11 goals.And Brazil won the World Cup.

Impact cushion (1998).
In 1998, the first female footballer Nike contract m9. At the same time, the light is with speed, comfort, and the ball ball.
Impact mattress shock – air-cushion can resist the outside pressure, and the impact of football shoes broke traditional dress of very uncomfortable.

The Sydney 2000 games – the brand new and innovative athletes of the product.
Nike design meets support the Olympic Games more than 25 projects more than 2,000 athletes
Games for Nike provides a show their products, technology, show the spirit of sports and passion.
Marion flop won 5 (3 gold MEDALS, 2 copper).

I think this is the Nike Shox company can become legendary important reasons. Being and are accounted for.

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