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New Jordan Shoes – Legacy of the Player Carried Forward

History is created when you fight wars; but it marks a better impact when a legendary player plays for his or her country and wins hearts of the fans. Michael Jordon is one such player who is an inseparable part of the basketball game loved by millions. He had hung his boots and bid goodbye to the game, but yes a brand of boots got named after him and became famous across the globe. Jordan shoes, as the name suggests have been named after the celebrated player. The first edition of the shoes came in the year 1985 and was launched by Nike. It’s been years and the name has turned itself into a brand that is worn and will be worn by the future generations as well.

Today Jordan shoes have become a popular brand for basketball shoes that sells the most in the world. The legacy of the player and his shoes will continue to rule the basketball scene for decades to come. The brand may be years old but it continues with new and innovative designs every year. Incorporating new and old ideas together, the retro collection of the shoes has been launched after redesigning.

If you wish to find a pair for yourself, there are lots of choices to delight you. The designs are diverse and unique and you would love to own them all. The brand lives up to the heritage of the player and has more than 25 editions to its name. Starting from Air Jordans I to new Jordans 2009, the collections are one better than the other including a range of shoes that make use of the same craftsman techniques. One can also buy the countdown packs that include two pairs of shoes from the signature line. Other editions that sell the most are the XX2 PE, dub zero, spizike, AJF3-5-6-9-12-20 and the six rings ones. Choose the one that you want and be a proud owner of the historic Jordans.

Most of these shoes make use of full grain leather for the upper material. It results in more comfort due to its cushioning effect. Nike has brought in this cushioning technology that gives full comfort to the wearer. The outsole of the shoes is generally made of solid rubber to make it more durable. The lacing system used in the shoes is more of the traditional type and the double colored shoes come with two pairs of laces. Most of the shoes are made light-weight in order to provide ease to the feet.

Each shoe edition is different from the other. There are editions like the 6 rings which combines different features of all the 6 varieties of shoes that Michael Jordon wore during a championship against the Chicago bulls. The latest addition to the range is the new Jordan 2009. The collection has hoops that are designed keeping in mind the style and comfort. Every Jordan shoe will have a unique jeweled logo. Newer technology like the grooves inspired by siping has been introduced in this range. All the shoes that the Jordan line has to offer are high-performance and live up to their name.

Available in almost every color, the line of shoes has become a favorite with the fans of the renowned player. As the game has its fans, the player too has his fans, and similarly if we combine both the fans, we get the crazy fans for this line of shoes. The series of New Jordan shoes will continue to live on just like the bequest of the player – Michael Jordon.

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