Nba Tickets – Top Impact Rookies

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The top rookies in the NBA will help sell NBA Tickets in their respective cities from day one. Here I examine some rookies who will make an immediate impact for their team.

Michael Beasley, Forward, Miami Heat: Beasley’s offensive game has no weaknesses and he’s got an NBA-ready body. These two factors make Beasley the frontrunner for rookie of the year in my eyes. He’s got two really good players on his team in Dwyane Wade and Shawn Marion, so he won’t be asked to do too much, but he’ll basically serve as the only low-post scoring option the team has.

Greg Oden, Center, Portland Trail Blazers: That’s right; he’s still technically a rookie after missing all of last season after undergoing micro-fracture knee surgery. He should start immediately for the Blazers and provide them with the perfect complement to LaMarcus Aldridge. He won’t be asked to do a ton offensively but he should bring rebounding and shot blocking to the young Blazers.

Kevin Love, Forward, Minnesota Timberwolves: Love’s skill set is NBA-ready and he should provide scoring, passing and rebounding immediately for the Wolves. Wolves GM and former Celtic great Kevin McHale has taken Love under his wing and should significantly help in the young man’s development. Love’s lack of athleticism will probably prevent him from being a star, but he should be a good, skilled player for years to come and will be a solid contributor from the get go.

Derrick Rose, Guard, Chicago Bulls: Rose may not have a standout rookie season, but he’ll probably start from day one and be the floor general for the Bulls. He’s bound to go through an adjustment period because he plays the hardest position on the floor, but he should be solid right off the bat and make players around him better. Beasley will have better number during his rookie season, but people need to wait a few years before they start knocking the Bulls for this pick.

O.J. Mayo, Guard, Memphis Grizzlies: Mayo’s transition to the pro level should be one of the least painless of any of the players in this draft class. He can shoot from NBA range, is very strong and is already a quality defender. Those three things should get him solid playing time right away and allow him to have one of the better rookie seasons this year. He’s the type of talent that will immediately sell NBA tickets in Minnesota.

These players should be able to perform from the get go and fans of their teams will be lining up to get their hands on NBA tickets.

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