NBA Picks | The Odds Couple | Cavs With Bounce Back Value

The Cleveland Cavaliers are coming off of a straight straight-up losses, but may be a good bet to avoid a third straight loss on Friday as a small road favorite against the Chicago Bulls. SBR Videos hosts Mike Brenner and Peter Loshak present their NBA Odds Couple show for Friday December 2. Top NBA Sportsbooks:

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Automated Video Transcription:

hi welcome to SBR sports picks he’s mike
brenner am peter loshak we’re the
odds couple from sportsbook review
dot-com sbr odds dot com this is the NBA odds
couple show for friday December second
we’ll do it later on me now blow well
let’s I know it’s coming
let’s throw up the record mike brenner the
good news is that overall on the year
your record is still very admirable the
bad news is down shopping away you get
that record 15 you’re down 15 and a half
units over the last four days
yes I you know I think that what the
pete i had to do this i had to dig
deep last year
alright went on one of these spirals
about it was a little later in the
season but came out of its strong and
that right there gives me confidence and
sometimes you know what some teams bring
it certain nights and with the NBA
there’s just something about that that’s
hard to gauge I mean who when you have a
team that loses by 20 against the team
it’s mediocre and then shows up and
again you always say that everybody
Super Bowl but still not dammit i’m not
going to justify it i’m not happy about
it but you know what I’m gonna get up
brush my knees off and move forward with
confidence because I don’t know what
else to do exactly that you don’t want
you don’t want to reduce your confidence
but you do want to a maybe I don’t know
what I learned from them yet the amount
of picks you you like unless you’re
you’re really like it a lot of them but
you know alright so let’s start things
off with these two picks and
i’m going to give
thank you for letting me up without yes
well be handing you a 10-foot Pole to
smack me and I mean listen who’d
golden state played
last night they played houston
right and guess what you remember the
over 230 i think that’s 270 points
or something but
of course there’s two over times yeah yeah that
was I don’t know it just when you’re
given a lot of points you got to be
careful taking these big favorites but
there’s some unnamed players to step it
up for houston and again you know what
they’re saying that they love playing
for this coach yeah

11 thoughts on “NBA Picks | The Odds Couple | Cavs With Bounce Back Value

  1. BecauseGood IsDumb

    3 team teaser: +150
    Sac +11.5
    Lakers/Toronto O210
    Denver Nuggets Pickem

    Sac and Boston should be a close game given the stats. Give me double digit points and Sac should at the very least cover the spread.

    Lakers / Toronto, two teams that can shoot the three ball and give up more than 100 points a game. Lowry has been hot recently so I expect a high scoring game here. It has gone over 7-2 in Toronto in the past 9 meetings. It should go over 210 no problem.

    Denver Nuggets ML – Houston double OT win against GS last night. This is also their 4th game on the road. Houston has to be gassed out and now they are playing in the mile high city on a B2B. Good spot to fade them IMO and I don't have to lay any points to do it.

  2. michael del zitti

    Brenner is going through a market correction like most investor's do. The bleeding usually stops and the tide turns.

  3. TheNextLevel11

    Mike – The Celtics played great against Detroit. Detroit wasn't missing any shots. Detroit was on fire. Celtics going to dominate tonight.

  4. Charles Darwin

    Mike Brenner depanted once again where Pete Loshak showed him up on the Spurs game. Loshak predicted Washington +points for full game which won and Brenner lost miserably with Spurs – points 1st half.


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