Lebron James – The Newest Miami Heat Player

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In an hour of television more watched than many of the playoff games, LeBron James announced his free agency placement. Coming from the Cleveland Cavaliers, journalists had been speculating for months where he would go to seek out a trophy. LeBron actually helped the Cavs go further towards that goal than they had in the past, but each year they were eeked out before the finals.

King James was the star and bread and butter of the team. A local, having been drafted from Akron, he was easy to love for Ohioans. There was speculation that he would leave the team, most likely for the New York Knicks, long before the day ending his free agency.

The Knicks were not the only team on that roster. People looked to all the champion teams with the purse strings for the trade: particularly the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers. There was also talk of sticking with the home team, who actually offered him $ 15 million more than he got from the Heat. And though some sports reporters did bring it up in the few days before the trade was announced, few thought LeBron would in fact move to the Miami Heat. He claims he's after a championship … why not go with recent champions?

It's possible that the trade was about friendship above championship. It is rumored that in the 2008 Olympics some of the players got along so well that they made a pact to play together when they all got free agency. It sounds so juvenile that it can not be true, right? The top players shook hands on all moving to the same place? Maybe.

The trade, announced July 8, brings Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron James together. It took no time for them to be introduced together as "the big three". Paul is under contract until 2012, but there's no saying how hard he'll work to get out of it.

Regardless, three of the four are together, and Heat fans are exploding with joy. And the price to create the new Dream Team? Two future first-round and two second-round picks to the Cavs for Lebron, and two first-round picks to the Raptors for Bosh.

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