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HISD WEEK: Get To Know Scottie Spitten

Day 2 of HISD WEEK delivers an intimate portrait of Scottie Spitten, the first team letterman of the crew. Visuals by Flash Gordon Parks. Musical backdrop – “On Fire” from The Gold Room EP.

From Damien –

I was kind of slow. It took me a while to realize that Scottie and King Midas were brothers. But I digress.

Scottie reminds me of my roommate from college: heavily into music and basketball; huge fan of the 90’s Chicago Bulls; Scottie Pippen is his favorite player. When you ask him why – it’s because Pippen was perhaps the most underrated player in the history of the NBA. But it’s easy to get overlooked when you’re standing in the shadow of the greatest player of all time.

When Michael Jordan gave his acceptance speech at the Basketball Hall of Fame, the first words that came out of his mouth were in gratitude to Scottie Pippen. He hadn’t even officially started his speech yet. Hadn’t thanked God or his parents. He thanked Scottie Pippen. It’s because Jordan knew that for all his accolades, all his greatness, Scottie Pippen was the cornerstone to his legacy.

In time, Scottie Spitten of H.I.S.D. might share the same legacy. From my interactions with the crew, it’s become evident that Scottie is the emotional anchor of the squad. He’s usually the first to write a verse to a new track, and often sets the tone and direction of any given song. In street clothes, he’s quiet and unassuming. You’d never know he was an MC. When game time comes he’s all business, and tends to his work with an enthusiasm unmatched by many of his peers outside the HISD circle. He studies the music as much as he studies basketball, surveying every angle and honing his game so that each move is executed to perfection. (How’s that for hyperbole?)

He also subscribes to NBA League Pass, and claims to watch every game every night. If you see him, ask what the score is… I bet he knows.


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