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Functional Training Facilities Are the Gyms of the Future

At Perform Better this past year the great strength coach Al Vermeil (he is the only strength coach in the world who has a championship ring from both the NFL and NBA, San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bulls) said during his presentation, "Just because and exercise exists does not mean you have to do it. " And that could not stand truer for many of the common exercises you will find people doing upon walking into any "big box" traditional health club. Clubs that are filled with acres of weight machines are the equivalent of 8 tracks in the music industry. Not only are machines out of style they can also lead to and promote injuries.

The clubs of the 21st Century are transforming their facilities into functional training facilities by removing the machines and cardio equipment and replacing them with functional training tools that help to improve our physiques and make our bodies more resilient. Walk into any of these facilities and you will find things like: medicine balls, free weights, stability balls, kettle bells, TRX's, Valslides, and conditioning ropes and the members performing exercises you may never have seen before, but look fun!

The following is a list of some common machine based exercises and an appropriate 21st Century exercise.

* Machine-Based Exercise
* 21st Century Substitution Exercise
* Inner / Outer Thigh Machine
* Steps Ups, Lateral Lunges
* Seated Chest Press
* TRX Push Ups
* Pec Fly Machine
* Valslide Fly Push Ups
* Leg Extensions
* Front Squats
* Leg Curls
* Kettle Bell Swings, Deadlifts
* Ab Crunch Machine
* Plank Variations
* Seated Row
* TRX Row
* Leg Press
* Any type of squat
* Tricep Pushdown
* Valslide Push Ups
* Biceps Curls
* Any pull-up variation

As far as cardio goes, get off the treadmill, elliptical, and / or stair master and start burning some serious fat with bodyweight tabata rounds. Four minutes of tabatas beats 60 minutes of running to nowhere. A word of caution though, this is not an easy four minutes. Alwyn Cosgrove uses the analogy of imagining your running for your life from a train for 20 seconds, then you get a quick 10 second break before the next train comes.

If you've been working out or are just starting to workout take the 21st Century approach and be amazed at the results you will find.

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