Effective Team Communication Skills

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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Michael Jordan.

If Michael Jordan had focused purely on making himself look good when he played it is not likely that the Chicago Bulls would have been six-time NBA champions during his tenure. Outstanding individual performers come and go in any team sport, but the ones that go down in history are focused on both individual performance and team contribution. Where is your focus?

Consider this…

  • Are you an effective team player in the workplace?
  • Is your goal simply to win the game or do you strive for the championship?
  • Are you primarily concerned with your own performance, the performance of the team or both?

Are your work teams really any different than the Chicago Bulls?

From the time we are small children we learn about teamwork by the color of our shirt – red, blue, green, or yellow. These colors define our team membership and our goals. Think for a minute about the teams that you are a part of. While it is not likely any longer that your shirt color will help you to define most of the teams you belong to, I am sure you can quickly think of a few. Teams are defined in a variety of ways but share one characteristic – a common goal.

What are the goals of the teams you belong to?

How do your personal goals integrate with your team’s shared goals?

Think again about that list of teams you belong to. Look at the other members of those teams. Each of them is there because of the perspective they offer and the diversity of the team actually adds to its strength. A team is only as strong as its weakest link, however. I am sure you can think of a person or two in some of the teams you have worked with that was this weak link.

Ask yourself, what could I do to strengthen this link? Remember, you are all working towards the same end, the championship. You have a vested interest in strengthening the team, that is, unless you are simply interested in winning the game.

In Summary

Recognizing that the ability to work in teams effectively is critical to both your personal and professional success is an important take-away from this article. Understanding how effective communication can contribute to team success is something that is talked about in Discover the communication secrets of making people like you! [http://www.shibaresumes.com] and click on the communication link.

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