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Did Kobe Bryant Kill Bulls Season?

The Chicago Bulls had a terrible time getting out of the gate this NBA season. Part of the problem was the talk of Kobe Bryant wanting out of the Lakers, and into the Bulls. Part of the problem was key Bulls players freaking out, thinking they were on the next plane out to Los Angeles. Poor excuse for a lost Bulls season. The Kobe Bryant talks went nowhere, but neither did the Bulls season.

The Bulls are fighting for the last playoff spot in the NBA East, but the season began with so much more promise than that. The Kobe Bryant talk for whatever reason, took the concentration level down to the point where loss after loss just kept on piling for the Bulls. It would have been nice if John Paxson would have squashed such talk, but he never said that Kobe Bryant talks were off. That is because they lingered, and so did the Bulls' attention.

Fault needs to go to ex-Bulls Coach Scott Skiles, who could not turn the team's attention back around to the NBA task at hand. Fault to key players like Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon, who helped dig such a deep hole for the Bulls, that it may not allow them into the NBA Playoffs, an unimaginable thought before the NBA season.

So Kobe Bryant stayed put with the Lakers, edging perhaps towards his first NBA MVP. Ironically, the poor Bulls season will lead to a new round of trade talks, but not for Kobe Bryant.

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