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Christmas With the Bulls
Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune
Nikola Mirotic reacts after sinking a three-point-goal during the second half.

The holidays are in full swing, chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, and pretty soon–you’ll have to make awkward smalltalk with that Uncle you don’t really like. This time of year is special, so spend it with the ones you love. That’s why some of us decided to get into the spirit of giving, and surprise Nikola Mirotic, Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler, and Fred Hoiberg with some gifts!

Nikola Mirotic:

Drew: Merry Christmas Niko! I heard that you missed a walkthrough recently–no worries! I got you a calendar, so that you can keep track of important dates. Your beard game is strong, but I got you some beard oil to bring it to the next level. I also got you the gift of consistency–I know, I know, you don’t know how to use it. Im sure Doug can teach you…wait nevermind.

Rajon Rondo:

Daniel: Merry Christmas, Rajon! Did they give you a parking spot? No? No worries, heres a name plate for you, just put it over Fred’s spot and you’re good to go! Heard you have been having some problems with the coaching staff. Don’t let the media get to you, odds are that it’s Doc Rivers, Rick Carlisle, Jim Boylan and Fred Hoiberg who are the problem–not you! I know you like to throw things, so I got you a stress ball… to throw! Also, here’s another iPad with a Bulls logo! That one Gar gave you was Boozers, and probably has Sharpie all over it from his hair.

Drew: Rajon is getting a lump of coal from me this year. Hoiberg is already gifting him some crunch time minutes, so that should suffice. This man should not be closing games, but he continues to do so. He has no confidence in his shot, and at this point, it’s becoming ridiculous. Certain nights Bulls fans get Good Rondo, other nights they get God Awful Rondo. Unfortunately this season, we are getting the latter version more frequently.

 Jimmy Butler:

Mike: Jimmy, merry Christmas my man! You’ve had to really put the team on your back through a number of games the last couple years, and I bet that back has gotten pretty sore because of it. So I put together a little basket of gifts for you. We’ve got a gift card for a massage, some ibuprofen, and a coupon for a nice sleep number mattress. A good mattress can do wonders for your back, Jimmy. Don’t you forget that. Hopefully Niko’s gift will help take the burden off you anyways, but this should help in the meantime. Also, I threw in a rearview mirror for your car. I know you got rid of the old one, but that just isn’t safe.

Fred Hoiberg:

Matt: Here you go man–just take it.

  1. 1000 tablet bottle of Ibuprofen
  2. Steve Nash MVP – Basketball Fundamentals DVD (gotta teach these young kids how to shoot)
  3.  Clip on tie (he doesn’t wear one)

You’re welcome.

Drew: I got you a hug, bring it in.

Happy Holidays from all of us, we are looking forward to the new year. Merry Christmas Bulls!


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