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Chicago Bulls vs. Washington Wizards: Live Stream, Game Info

After snapping their three-game losing streak, the Chicago Bulls will look to find some consistency; something that has eluded them since the start of the Hoiberg era. They look to win two in a row against the Washington Wizards.

On Wednesday night, the Chicago Bulls take on the 11th-seeded Wizards in a game that I wouldn’t put a dollar on to predict the outcome. After a three-game losing streak, the Bulls finally got back in the winners circle on Monday, blowing out the Detroit Pistons, 113-82.

Before you start booking your NBA Finals tickets, the Pistons were at the time already on a two-game losing streak of their own and clearly had not turned up ready to play. Then, once you take into account that this Bulls lineup simply has too much talent to lose consistently over long periods of time, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the Bulls were able to pull one out at home.

Nevertheless, the question remains: can the “Three Alphas” and company put together a string of wins like they have done with losses so elegantly during the month of December? The jury seems to still be out on that. However, what may favor the Bulls tonight is that their opponent seems to be going through some consistency issues themselves.

At 12-15 and currently sitting 11th in the East, it’s safe to say Washington has underperformed thus far. With the hiring of former Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks, the vibe around the nation’s capital was that the Wizards would not only make the playoffs, but with a duo of John Wall and Bradley Beal, they would be compete against sides such as the Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

This, however, seems not to be the case with Wizards center Marcin Gortat once saying in an interview, “I think we’ve got one of the worst benches in the league.” Despite the addition of Brooks, who took the Thunder to the NBA Finals, consistency and lack of team chemistry has seemed to hamper the underachieving Wizards.

I’m sure Bulls fans can relate to how Wizards fans are feeling about constant rumors and mumblings about disconnect between Washington’s two stars: John Wall and Bradley Beal. It has all too much of a similar sound to what transpired when Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler were both in the Windy City.

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Matchup: Chicago Bulls (14-13) vs Washington Wizards (12-15)

When: 7:00 p.m. CST

Where: United Center, Chicago, IL

TV: CSN-Chicago

Radio: WLS-AM 890

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