Chicago Bulls – 50th Anniversary – Momentum Change

Using footage old and new, the campaign encompasses the 50 years of history for one of the most iconic teams in the world. The spots feature clips of players throughout different points of the history of the team as if they are playing on the same court, the same team, with the same perseverance for gold.

The Bull’s are a team that I’ve been hoping to work with since I came to Chicago.
Anyone who loves this team knows authenticity; they’re a visually savvy and passionate fan base who can see through extravagant propaganda. Therefore we set up a rule early that whatever we created had to feel authentic, it had to be true to Chicago, to the fans and to The Bulls.

Josh Kahn of the Chicago Bulls Organization (co-director) said, “With our 50th season campaign, it was imperative to us that we showcase the iconic bulls brand in way that accurately represents our steadfast commitment to excellence both on and off the court. We are excited to share this campaign with our fans who have supported us now for a half-century.”

Mill+ Creative Director/Director : Bowe King
Mill+ Art Director : Matt Darnell
Chicago Bulls Organization
CD/Co-Director: Josh Kahn
Agency EP: Brad Siegel
Associate Producers: Chris Ramirez, Cody Madsen, Katian Sandoval
Edit Whitehouse
Editor: Dan Zabinski
Edit Assist: Frank Sigwarth
The Mill
Executive Producer: Tracey Khan
Producer: Natalie Ksiazek
2D Lead Artist: Jamin Clutcher
2D Artists: Jonathan Freeman, Gavin Camp
Colourist: Luke Morrison
Colour Assist: Michael Pehanich

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