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Air Jordan 1 I Retro High Hall of Fame HOF Pack

Air Jordan 1 is the first generation of basketball shoes from Nike Jordan series, which was first introduced and created in 1985, and because this is the first pair of NBA shoes in black and red colors, so that let us in first sight to remember it. Also derived from this pair of shoes out there is the other classic Nike retro shoes – Nike Dunk.

NBA talent show in 1984, called the session of the strongest in history. So, when with the third pick of the Chicago Bulls selected the University of North Carolina Michael Jordan, many people do not understand their choice. In their view, the Bulls can have a better choice. But the fact is, all wrong, the thin young man is the best. “Flying”, which is the nickname the people gave Jordan. Not only because of his amazing jumping, often making incredible action in the field, but also because his feet Air Jordan 1.

Air Jordan 1

Michael. Jordan’s every move, every game is classic, this man, we have witnessed a contest of will and basketball, he will always be the winner, will never admit defeat on the basketball front. Michael Basketball must obey. Jordan will. This is the “night”nature, so no one can be his opponent.

1985-1986 season, and NBA championship team as any team, the Bulls lack of polish with many talented players, “raw material “, but what, after all, is only potential. Most of them a blank mind on how to defeat the enemy. Jordan began the year the fledgling NBA career in his miracles, and also this year is the beginning, Air Jordan series started their own myths and legends.

This is absolutely not to be missed AJ1 fans gluttonous feast! Wang Global War Honor NBA debut shoes: Air Jordan 1 2009 spring and summer new series. Opened in April for our first Air Jordan curtain is Polka Dot Set, Easter striped suit and a pair of shoes. May is the Air Jordan 1’s fashion event, Cinco De Mayo set to debut, and simultaneously issue a striped Air Jordan 1.

Air Jordan 1 BMP this collection of symbolically than actually wearing shoes significance, exquisitely packaged and details are all hewn Air Jordan 1 BMP value. Perhaps only a real understanding of Jordan’s relentless pursuit of talent will be his will, so maybe only people who truly love Air Jordan Air Jordan will always be faithful to the series, Air Jordan 1 BMP Air Jordan series is the embodiment of the will: the basketball court, the noble and Gorgeous.

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