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Kemba’s All-Star Case, Charlotte Hornets’ Sessions Gives Back

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Buzz City Stings is your daily destination for the latest and best news from around the internet about the Charlotte Hornets. Kemba Walker‘s serious case to finally be an All-Star this season. This is the point guard edition as we look at Kemba’s Transformation into an “elite point guard”  and Ramon Sessions giving back to local kids in his hometown.

Kemba’s Airtight Cast to be an All-Star

“Let’s get something out of the way, right now. Kemba Walker is an All-Star. You can pick and choose who are the best point guards in the Eastern Conference, but Walker has the stats, efficiency and team success to validate the claim that he deserves to head to New Orleans for his first career All-Star Game.” (

Well said, Matt Moore. Kemba is a clear-cut All-Star this season. Plain and simple. After arguably being a snub from last year, there is no doubting the Hornets’ starting point guard. His number are not only comparable to top players at his position but he is even better than some other All-Star level point guards. Kemba Walker by all accounts should be Charlotte’s first All-Star player since the 2009-10 season.

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How Walker Became an Elite Point Guard 

“The NBA is filled with countless examples: Rajon Rondo, Ricky Rubio and Derrick Rose are inarguable liabilities from deep. Russell Westbrook—a career 30.4 percent three-point shooter may experience a harsh fall from grace once his athleticism declines. The Denver Nuggets, Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic have to be questioning whether Emmanuel Mudiay, Marcus Smart and Elfrid Payton can respectively steer dominant attacks while defenders routinely dip beneath screens to muck up the offense. Kemba Walker is officially no longer in that company. His career changed when the Charlotte Hornets hired assistant Bruce Kreutzer. A coach for nearly 40 years, he arrived before the 2015-16 season to help players boost their shooting percentages. And Walker was the organization’s priority target.” (

We all know the story of how Kemba dramatically improved his outside shot last season and how it has opened up the rest of his game to be at the all-star level that it is this year. This is the story behind the story and just how exactly that transformation was made. It obviously took a lot of time and hard work but Walker, with the help of Bruce Kreutzer, has become elite. There should not longer be an argument whether or not he is an elite level point guard and player in the NBA.

Sessions Gives Toys to Local Kids

“Christmas came a few days early for some kids in Myrtle Beach’s Racepath community Wednesday. NBA star Ramon Sessions returned to his hometown to hand out toys and candy to kids in his home town. Sessions grew up in Racepath and now plays for the Charlotte Hornets. But he never misses a chance to give back.” (

We have already seen a number of Charlotte Hornets’ give back this holiday season and Ramon followed suit but handing out toys and candy to kids in his hometown. Credit to Sessions for taking some time to visit the children and using his position and money to make a difference. The article also mentions that the point guard holds a basketball camp each summer and he does a turkey giveaway in November. Great guy that Ramon Sessions.

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