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Kemba Walker and Nic Batum Lead the Charlotte Hornets Past the Lakers

The Charlotte Hornets were able to pull off an incredible comeback victory over the Los Angeles Lakers behind great performances from Kemba and Nic.

The Charlotte Hornets worked hard for a tough comeback win over the Los Angeles Lakers. They survived a hot shooting night from the visiting team for an 117 to 113 win. That comeback was fueled by Kemba Walker. It comes as no surprise that as we discuss the player grades, the player of the game award goes to Charlotte’s superstar point guard.

As usual, if someone had asked me who the best player on the floor was for the Charlotte Hornets, I would not need many guesses. It is usually pretty obvious who that player will be. On a team well balanced with veteran role players and hungry young players, Kemba Walker is by far the best player on the squad. Not only is he the best, he almost always plays like it. Once again, the captain led the team in scoring and tied the team for the lead in assists. He recorded a near triple-double with 28 points,10 assists, and eight rebounds.

Sometimes the Charlotte Hornets backcourt stars, Kemba Walker and Nic Batum, look like our very own Batman and Robin. However, sometimes it is hard to tell exactly who is Batman and who is Robin. This was one of those nights. They both played like Batman and that was a thing of beauty. 23 points and 10 assists for Nic as he hit clutch shots down the stretch and even the game winner.

MKG had another poor shooting night. However, like any good NBA player, he still found a way to be productive even when his shot was not falling. MKG shined where he usually does even on a 3-11 shooting night. Despite only scoring six points, Michael pulled down 11 rebounds.

As usual, Marvin came to work with his hard hat and lunch pail ready to get the job done. As the man who does the dirty work down low, Williams did not disappoint. 15 points and f rebounds for him.

At the start the season, there was a big debate on who the starting center should be for this season. At this point in the season, there is no longer any doubt. Cody has made himself indispensable with his good defense and nearly undefendable play in the pick and roll. The young big man gave us 11 points, five rebounds, two steals, and two assists.

It is starting to trend that when Marco plays well, the Hornets are hard to beat. On the nights when he is finding his shot well, it is like someone just threw gas one a fire. Belinelli has taken over the sixth man role and he is one of the most consistent players on the team. The Italian scored 13 points against LA.

As I said about Marco earlier when Frank plays well the Hornets are hard to beat. When he and Marco are both playing well a win is almost inevitable. 11 points on 66 percent shooting. Kaminsky has his downfalls but when he is searching for open shots and then knocking them down, he is a great addition to the Charlotte Hornets.

In their next game, the team will host the Chicago Bulls as they look for their third straight win. Charlotte played some of their best basketball of the season in their comeback against the Lakers and they may be turning things around after their four-game losing streak.

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