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Junior College Basketball – A Stepping Stone to Big Time Athletics

Over the years, some big time basketball players have started on in junior college basketball and then moved on to play Division I basketball and even professional basketball. Some of these players used these two-year schools as a way to improve their game and improve their grades in the classroom.

One of the biggest names to ever go this route was NBA superstar Larry Johnson. Here is a snapshot of the path he took from junior college basketball to the top:

1. He first played at Odessa College (Junior College)
2. He then moved on to play at UNLV under legendary coach Jerry Tarkanian
3. UNLV won the 1990 NCAA Division I Championship while he was there
4. He was named as the College Player of the year in 1991
5. He was then the first pick in the 1991 NBA draft by the Charlotte Hornets
6. He became a NBA All-Star in 1993
7. He was chosen for USA Basketball and helped win gold in the 1994 FIBA ​​world championships
8. He retired in 2001 due to continuous problems with his back

Look at the career Larry Johnson had, and it all started with junior college basketball. Odessa college is a small two year college in Odessa, TX. That is where it all started for Larry Johnson and look at the heights he reached in basketball. If you could ask him today, I'm sure he would say he was extremely grateful for what Odessa College did for him.

If you are not getting offers to play right out of high school, you should consider junior college basketball. There are a multitude of colleges across the country and these coaches need players just like the big schools. The best way to get a spot on one of these teams is to make direct contact with the coaching staff. If you have the talent and skills to play at junior college level, these coaches would love to hear from you!

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