Charlotte Hornets

Frank Kaminsky 21 Points Full Highlights (12/3/2016)

Frank Kaminsky: 10 points per game scorer?

Yes! If Frank the Tank’s season ended today, he would have averaged a bit over 10 points per game through the entirety of it. No denying it: the numbers are right there for anyone to look at. Michael Jordan is looking at them right now, and he’s smiling because they’re good numbers.

I think Charlotte fans have forgiven MJ for drafting Kaminsky instead of taking all those picks from the Celtics. I could be wrong, though. The only Charlotte Hornets fan I know is this homeless dude who stands at intersections and asks for money. At least, I assume he’s a Hornets fan, because he has this sweet vintage Hornets blazer from like the 80’s that looks totally rad, even if it is a little ragged and dirty. I asked him about the whole Kaminsky dealio, and he kind of rambled on about the government and Vietnam and stuff, so I gathered that he’s cool with how Kaminsky has turned out, and I bet he represents all the fans living in, you know, Charlotte.

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